Different Kinds of Patio Covers

A beautiful patio in which you have invested so much time and money,  is something you would like to last, a patio cover might just be the protection you need to protect your investment. there are essentially two types of  patio covers, a removable  cover or a permanent one.

Gazebos, arbors, and pergolas are considered permanent patio covers. This means that you will have to build a structure over the patio. They are very attractive and can enhance the look of any patio. They also provide shade and protection from the rain so that you may be able to sit out in moderately bad weather.

You might consider a removable patio cover instead. This would include retractable awnings, fabric canopies and patio umbrellas. The umbrellas are the cheapest options and probably the most frequently used, but do not really qualify as a true patio cover. They do have decorative properties and you can find them in different designs and sizes. Awnings are also very good covers. They are attached on one side of the house, and most of them are retractable when not needed. They are available in different colors and with various motifs.  One drawback to awnings is that they do not have side panels.

However, they are easier to use than canopies since you can pull them up easily. You can adjust the length at will to let more or less sun, even control the amount of sun that enters the house.

The third option is a canopy. They too come in various appealing designs, colors and shapes. The advantage of a canopy is that it has side panels that add protection. Canopies can be made to order; manufactured to fit your patio’s dimensions. While this might be more costly it could be a very good option if your patio has an odd shape, or if you want some personalization.

It is evident that the materials you choose for your covered patio will be dictated by the type of cover you decide to buy. Regardless of your choice quality materials usually mean longevity and usability. If you can afford the better quality you should opt for it. A good wood that repels insects and does not rot quickly will save you countless hours in maintenance time and a fair amount of money over the years of service.

There is a good chance that if you decide to install a soft fabric or a hard wood patio cover you will enjoy your patio more and for longer periods of time.

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